Vendor Info Page

Thank you for your interest in vending at the 2019 Brass Ring Cabaret.  Here’s what you need to know, what we will provide, and what will be expected of you.

Merchandise: Anything that might appeal to a Steampunk crowd.  Please keep it at least somewhat thematic, and PG rated.   We will only have one main seller of each item, so please be sure to list your main items as well as everything else you do in the “notes” section when you send in  your payment.  We reserve the right to ask that anything inappropriate or competing be removed from the display at the event.

Timing:  The event opens at 10:00, and classes begin at 10:30 AM.  We will try to get access the evening before, but that is not currently confirmed. The daytime event runs until 6pm, and the evening portion of the event starts at 7pm.  We will have people to help you run stuff in and out.

Space:  Vending will be in the upstairs hall as well as the downstairs. We are NOT increasing the number of vendors, just the space so there’s less crowding and more room for people to shop.   Upstairs spaces are 10’x10’ and stay open through the day and evening.  You may bring a tent if you wish but do not need to.   Downstairs spaces are about 6′ deep by about 12′ wide, and close at 6:30 PM, although vendors are welcome to come upstairs and join the fun once they’re all packed out.  There are ramps and elevators available to use, but no carts, so please bring your own.

Setup: Please dress yourself and your booth as festively as you like!  We will have 8’ and 6’ rectangular tables, 5’ round tables, and fairly comfortable armless chairs available for you to use, at no cost to you. Both areas have either classes or entertainment and food going on all day.

Electricity: No extra cost, but bring your own LONG extension cords and power bars/surge protectors.

Tickets:  Your first  space gives you two tickets to the entire event, to be used by people staffing your booth.  Each additional 10’ space gives you one more ticket.  Additional booth help tickets can be purchased for the cost of the day event only, although they will receive an all-day pass.

Refunds:  Your booth fee is 100% refundable up to December 13.  Between then and December 27, cancellations will receive a 50% refund.  After January 3, there are no refunds.

Fees:  Upstairs vendors- $75 single booth, $145 double.   Downstairs vendors $55 single, $100 double

 Want to vend? Click here for the application. Acceptance emails and invoices will start in the first week of January, but we will continue to accept vendors so long as their category is not full.