Academy Classes

This year’s Academy schedule!

Unless noted, all events are included with your day’s ticket.

Upstairs Ballroom Glo Room Carousel Room
1030 19th Century Opera Occultism in the Victorian Age
1130 Who is Chef Alex LeBeau? Sailor’s Valentines- Victorian Seashell Art Running Steampunk Events
1230 Victorian Set Dances Airships! Steampunk is Real- Everything Else is Imaginary.
130 Make your own Medals Contraptions The Victorian Legacy
230 Victorian Couples Dance Airship Wendigo- a Steampunk Youtube series Make your own Working Spyglass
330 Von Voltage’s Electric Snake Oil Introduction to the Red Fork Empire
430 Fashion Show Piracy in the Age of Steam Steampunk Manners- Not Just Victorian


19th Century Opera- A class and performance on the history of 19th century romantic opera, featuring popular composers, and songs still popular today. Also, puppets. With Nicole Oliva and Dennis Carter, Jr.

Airships!– How do they work, what can they do? With Jeff Gedney

Airship Wendigo- a Steampunk Youtube series- Airship Wendigo is a smuggling vessel based in New England. After the cataclysmic events in season 1 of the YouTube series, Tales of a Broke Reality, fragments of the fallout have been scattered throughout the multiverse. The Wendigo has been unfortunate enough to get tangled up with some of these Fragments. Viewing followed by Q&A with the creators.

Contraptions: the (Rube) Goldberg Variations– A trip through time to visit inventions that didn’t quite make it, and/or never should have been in the first place. With Mark P. Donnelly.

Fashion Show This year, the star of the fashion show is YOU!

Introduction to the Red Fork Empire– Get to know a local Steampunk artists group. With Miss Kitty and The Emperor.

Make your own Medals- Learn the methods used by the Red Fork Empire to create military-style medals. $3 materials fee per medal.  With Miss Kitty and The Emperor.

Make your own Working Spyglass– Learn the basics of optics, then build, decorate, and take your own working Steampunk spyglass. Thanks to the sponsorship of Big Y World Class Markets, the cost is only $5. With Lauren Grover

Occultism in the Victorian Age– Learn about the rise of spiritualism, faery lore, speaking with the dead, and more. With Starwolf.

Piracy in the Age of Steam– A historical overview. With Jeff Gedney

Running Steampunk Events- with THE Jeff Mach

Sailors Valentines: Love Tokens From the Sea! Take a journey back in time to the 1800’s and learn about the history behind these exquisite gifts from home by Sailors.  With Melonie Massa.

Steampunk is Real– Everything else is imaginary. with THE Jeff Mach.

Steampunk Manners: Not Just Victorian– There are plenty of people and things telling us how not to behave. This is how to be behave well. Not just Victorian, there is much more to it than that. This is about civility in these barbaric times. With Thomas Willeford

The Victorian Legacy– The good, the bad, and the ugly that we inherited from our ancestors. From modern medical technologies, to post-Colonial Colonialism, or “why you can afford to have that smartphone.” With Thomas Willeford

Victorian Couples Dance– Get ready for the next ball, afternoon tea dance, or tonight’s cabaret!!. Join us as we explore the couple dances of the Victorian Era as would have been done in New York, London, Paris, and beyond. This will be an opportunity to learn the basic couple dances of the period including the waltz, polka, and/or schottische. (Though we may focus on just one, as time and interest permit.) No experience necessary. Comfortable shoes with flexible soles (preferably leather) are recommended. With Marc Casslar.

Victorian Set Dances– Get prepared for your next night out on the dance floor (perhaps even tonight at the cabaret!!). Join us as we have fun with the set dances of the Victorian Era as would have been done in New York, London, Paris, and of course, Bristol, Connecticut. This will be an opportunity to learn some of the basic longways set dances of the period. Dances such as the Gothic Dance, La Tempete, Soldier’s Joy, the Flower Girl Dance, and more. (Dances to be done will depend on time and interest.) No experience necessary. Comfortable shoes with flexible soles (preferably leather) are recommended. With Marc Casslar.

Von Voltage’s Electric Snake Oil– The Professor bring his extensive collection of actual period electotherapy devices, with demonstrations of their use. 18+ only. This class is held in the Greek Temple in the upstairs ballroom. With Vincent von Voltage.

Who is Chef Alex LeBeau of LeBeau Chocolates & Confections?- LeBeau’s Chocolates and Confections have been doling out tasty artisan treats for years, but no one has seen this elusive chef instructor and chocolatier. Get the scoop from writer Nikki Woolfolk about Chef LeBeau, the book series based on LeBeau’s adventures in cooking and solving mysteries coming out 2017 and a chance to taste some artisan chocolate!