Daytime Academy

Our 2019 Academy!

Afternoon Tea- A proper British afternoon tea, with scones, clotted cream, lovely tasty cookies, those itty bitty sandwiches, and, of course, tea. I MAY even be talked into sharing some of their amazing homemade lemon curd. Maybe. Tickets are limited, and will NOT be available at the door. $15. With The Guild of Extraordinary Gentlewomen.

Airships!- A silly staple of the Steampunk genre, but in reality, a vital part of military history. How do they *really* work? With Captain Elias

An Entirely-Too-Brief History of Corsets- With Nikki Cohen

Cosplay for Steampunk- Going from a character to a fully-realized costume isn’t always a clear path. But there are techniques both to determine a place to start as well as convey details through character presentation. Building a closet will also be covered: what pieces are versatile and useful to own, as well as some techniques for how to shop and where to find garments or props. This talk will take the form of a lecture with Q&A encouraged throughout. As such, some amount of its content will be decided by attendees and could vary. With Melanie Saunders

Introduction to Dowsing, Pendulums and L-rods- Dowsing has been used for centuries to locate objects, find water and treasure, and receive answers from the Spirit World. It enjoyed a long heyday during the 19th century. Starwolf will show you how to use the 2 most effective methods of Dowsing, the Pendulum and L-rods in this hands-on class.

Piracy in the Age of Steam– A historical overview. With Captain Elias

Practical Corsetry- Sure, corsets look awesome, but how do they feel? Are they something you can wear long-term? So many choices- which one do I need? How do I get in- and out- of one? Can I do this by myself? Come try on a corset, see what shape will give you the look you want, ask questions, and get your size. With Nikki Cohen

Quilling Workshop- The Art of Paper Filigree- Extremely popular during our era, quilling is enjoying a modernbutterfly resurgence, which you will leave this class ready to take part in. Quilling, or paper filigree, is the art of bending and twisting paper to form decorative shapes. Learn three essential basic techniques for making flowers, and walk away with jewelry to wear, as well as a really good kit that contains everything you’ll need to make lots, lots more. With Lauren Grover (so nobody blow anything up while she’s teaching, okay) 2 hours, $30

Sailors Valentine Shell Art Accessories Workshop– Take a journey back in time to the 1800s and learn about the history behind these exquisite gifts sent home by sailors., then choose the TYPE of vintage style accessory as a base to create your own work of art. Kilt / Shawl Pin $5; Bookmark $10; Hair Comb $15; Cameo style Brooch $20.  Melonie will resin all finished pieces at the end of the Workshop, and participants will go home with them to cure in a parchment-lined jewelry box with Sailors Valentine Story card. Student kits include with precious (real!) pearls, baby Abalone ‘leaves’ and other rare tiny seashells. More petite common seashells will be available. Everyone’s will come out absolutely unique! Class Size limited to 15. With Melonie Massa.

Splendid Teapot Racing- Bring your best racing teapot, wear your most dashing outfit, and do NOT forget to bribe the judges in this all-out obstacle race. No, really. Racing actual, literal teapots. There will be prizes. Come win one!  Click Here for rules, such as they are. Spectators are most heartily welcome! With Watch City Steampunk Festival

Steampunk Powerpoint Karaoke- In which Powerpoint presentations on various Steampunk topics are narrated by people who have never seen them before. Quick-witted volunteers will win a prize! With Watch City Steampunk Festival

Tea Duelling- The fine and noble sport of Tea Duelling is a parlor game of skill, technique, and wits between two individuals armed only with tea and biscuits. It requires audience participation, honor, quick wit, steady hands, biscuits, and hot tea. with Dolly and Birdie

Victorian Couples Dance– Get ready for the next ball, afternoon tea dance, or tonight’s cabaret!!. Join us as we explore the couple dances of the Victorian Era as would have been done in New York, London, Paris, and beyond. This will be an opportunity to learn the basic couple dances of the period including the waltz, polka, and/or schottische. (Though we may focus on just one, as time and interest permit.) No experience necessary. Comfortable shoes with flexible soles (preferably leather) are recommended. With Marc Casslar.

Victorian Set Dances– Get prepared for your next night out on the dance floor (perhaps even tonight at the cabaret!!). Join us as we have fun with the set dances of the Victorian Era as would have been done in New York, London, Paris, and of course, Bristol, Connecticut. This will be an opportunity to learn some of the basic longways set dances of the period. Dances such as the Gothic Dance, La Tempete, Soldier’s Joy, the Flower Girl Dance, and more. (Dances to be done will depend on time and interest.) No experience necessary. Comfortable shoes with flexible soles (preferably leather) are recommended. With Marc Casslar.