Want to know more about our absolutely stellar lineup of guests? Here you go! Meet your Makers!

Marc CasslarMarc - 1860s Head Shot (12-2013) Marc Casslar, dancer, choreographer, and producer has been involved in a variety of historic dance forms since 1977 and Victorian, Civil War Era, and Ragtime dancing since 1984. He is the founder and director of the Vintage Dance Society and its performing troupe, Polite Society. He has conducted research into and taught historic dance for more than 25 years, and now routinely teaches at vintage dance weekends and precepts balls throughout the United States. He has taught Victorian Era dancing and precepted at Victorian Era balls for reenactor groups as well as city, towns, and museums looking to recreate historic social events. When not dancing, performing, choreographing, producing, etc. Mr. Casslar runs an environmental consulting firm, GeoQuest, and a production assistance company, Specialty Productions, both based in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Nikki Cohen- When I do the math, I’ve been a corsetmaker for nearly a quarter century, but were not going to talk about that cos it makes me feel ancient. In that time, however, I’ve tried to push the boundaries of what I’ve come to see as an art form. I embellish my work with 3D printing, acrylic panels, electroluminescent panels, flowers, appliqués, and anything else that will get me the look I want. I’ve traveled the world for good textiles, and tried to lean whatever I could wherever I go. It’s a pretty amazing life.

Captain Elias- Jeff Gedney is an amateur historian with a focus on “Age of Discovery” ships and shipping, but loves all things having to do with the sea. Coming from a family that is rich with sailors and storytellers, Jeff has his feet planted in both traditions, though he spins yarns considerably more than he sails.

Dolly & Birdie– Tea Duelling Mistresses and the founders/creative team behind Hudson Valley Steampunk, a steampunk alliance based just 90 miles due north of New York City, dedicated to building bridges of inspiration and goodwill throughout the Steampunk community and beyond. As steampunk ambassadors, their goal is to share, inspire, connect, and create through the events, gatherings, and collaborations they coordinate and produce. You will find Dolly & Birdie performing Tea Duels at many Steampunk festivals throughout the region.

meLauren Grover- Your humble Brass Ring organizer. This year, Lauren is also super excited to be teaching a Quilling class, and share her love of paper filigree with all her Steampunky friends. Other than at this event, Lauren is best known for her henna, glitter, and facepainting with Paisley Peacock Body Arts, which can be found at various conventions, festivals, and private events throughout the Northeast.

melonieMelonie Massa Melonie Massa of Bristol, RI is an artist whose medium is seashells! Sailors Valentines (originally dating back to the 1800’s as a love token brough home by sailors) is her inspiration for her work. Realistic shellblossoms are her specialty & she turns them in a myriad of decor and wearable accessories. She calls her creations “Mermaids Baubles”- something a mermaid might make or wear!

Melanie Saunders- Melanie has been LARPing and costuming for 15 years. She is an avid sewist and crafter and creates costumes on a commission basis through Tyr’s Handcrafted. She lives in Everett, MA with her husband and their chubby and spoiled bunnies, Tyrone and Jasper. Treecat scribe, pinch-bear.

Starwolf198994_210513592293692_4942921_n Starwolf is Witch, Shaman, Rune Valdr Master, occultist, and professional Psychic.