Catch the Brass Ring- News

br-logoWelcome to the Sixth year of our splendid benefit event, Brass Ring Academy and Cabaret! We’ve danced and laughed and learned and created and raised thousands of dollars for the New England Carousel Museum so far, and this year promises to be even better! Our next date is March 9, 2019.

Our hope with the new date is for us to avoid the unseemly weather that has plagued us in January. We’re also moving back to the one day format in order to build the new date better.    Cabaret headliner is still TBA, but we’ll feature our traditional favorites The Eternal Frontier, Them Damn Hamiltons featuring Marc Casslar calling dances, and White Elephant Burlesque.

During the day, we will host presentations on topics from creating monsters to fighting them, period dancing and robots from Oz, and the invention of everything from knights in shining armor to gruesome murder! Plus, musical performances, vaudeville, an interactive storyline, amazing vendors and more!

Back by popular demand- A semi-formal AFTERNOON TEA! By even more popular demand, this time, I will share more of their impossibly delectable lemon curd. I promise. Really.

Oh, my friends, we are going to have a bountiful harvest of silly and enlightening fun. We are ten pounds of laughing gas in a five pound dirigible. I can’t wait. Tickets are on sale now!