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Saturday Academy

  The Glo Sessions Room Upstairs Ballroom Carousel Room
10:00 Doors Open      
10:30 Leather Working 101 Suffragitsu- Techniques from Women’s Literal Fight for the Vote Sailor’s Valentines- Love Tokens from the Sea
11:30 Intro to the Red Fork Empire Suffragitsu continued H.H.Holmes and the Invention of Murder
12:30 Mesmer, Freud, and the History of Hypnotism Victorian Couples Dances Quilling- Paper Filigree
1:30 Make Your Own Medals How the Victorians Invented the Renaissance Faire Quilling continued
2:30 Medals continued The Eternal Frontier Von Voltage’s Electric Snake Oil
3:30 Sailor’s Valentine Pin Workshop** Victorian Set Dances Airships!
4:30  Meet the Five Hypnosis Show Fashion Show Prep
5:30   Fashion Show- Starring YOU



Intermission music: Psyche Corporation

 7:00 The Eternal Frontier

8:00 Them Damn Hamiltons with Marc Casslar, Dancemaster

  9:00 White Elephant Burlesque Society

 10:00 This Way To The Egress


Sunday Academy

  The Glo Sessions Room Upstairs Ballroom Carousel Room
10:00 Doors Open      
10:30 Make Your Own Working** Spyglass Sword Cane Combat Workshop  
11:30 Sailor’s Valentine Sea Captain’s Chest** Sword Cane continued Steampunk Design Workshop/Panel
12:30 Captain’s Chest continued Splendid Teapot Racing The Occult in the Victorian Age
1:30 Piracy in the Age of Steam Teapot Racing continued Bootblacking: Leather Care and Conditioning 101
2:30   This Way To The Egress concert  
3:30 Afternoon Tea**    
Vendors close at 3:30.