Saturday Academy

10:00 Event Site opens

Unless noted, all Academy events are included with your day’s ticket.

Upstairs Ballroom Glo Room Carousel Room
1030 19th Century Opera Occultism in the Victorian Age
1130 Who is Chef Alex LeBeau? Sailor’s Valentines- Victorian Seashell Art Running Steampunk Events
1230 Victorian Set Dances Airships! Steampunk is Real- Everything Else is Imaginary.
130 Make your own Medals Contraptions The Victorian Legacy
230 Victorian Couples Dance Airship Wendigo- a Steampunk Youtube series Make your own Working Spyglass
330 Von Voltage’s Electric Snake Oil Introduction to the Red Fork Empire
430 Fashion Show Piracy in the Age of Steam Steampunk Manners- Not Just Victorian


 7:00 ThePositronic Cats

8:00 Them Damn Hamiltons with Marc Casslar, Dancemaster

  9:00 White Elephant Burlesque Society

 10:00 This Way To The Egress

And in between sets, The Eternal Frontier!



Workshops have additional fees- please check the class listing for details.

Ballroom Glo Room Carousel Room
11 Venus Lens Cap concert Sailor’s Valentines Ornaments
12 Victorian Couple Dances Sailor’s Valentines Sea Chest Airships for Writers
2 Bartitsu Absinthe Heroes movie showing and Psyche Corporation concert Quilling- The Art of Paper Filigree
4 Victorian Set Dances Brass Goggles